Series CE-B

Eccentric screw pump in close-coupled design

Exzenterschneckenpumpe als Blockpumpe

Eccentric screw pump


Feed rate:

2,5 – 100 m³/h


up to 12 bar


  • pump case of steel or stainless steel
  • low wear encapsulated universal joints
  • open pin joints for hygienic use (e. g. in the food industry)
  • reversible transporting direction
  • flange connections in accordance with DIN or ANSI (also milk pipe connection DIN 11851)
  • universal configuration of drives
  • universal installing and building varieties
  • rotor of stainless steel, optionally with hard chrome plating or hardened
  • material of stator adjusted to the medium, also PTFE stators
  • shaft sealing by stuffing box packing or mechanical seal
  • base plat of steel or stainless steel


Food products:

Tomato paste, ketchup, honey, marmelade, fruit juices and concentrates, grapes, mashing, fruit pulps, milk products, chocolate mass, dough, pectin

Cosmetical, pharmaceutical and chemical products:

Detergents, liquid soaps, glycerine, polymere

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