The best solution for everyone!

Our pumps and spare parts are very popular in many parts of the industry:

  • Paper mills
    Pumps for many parts of the production, e. gl. retention, waste water etc.
  • Food industry
    Hygienic version with different connection types (e. g. DIN 11851) and additional cleaning ports.
  • Chemical industry
    A large selection of elastomere for stators adjusted to the particular use.
  • Shipbuilding
    Different pump sizes in stock – in case of emergency…
Pumpe in Bäckerei

Pump in bakery

We are able to offer you what is exactly required in your production process due to our modular system and the large variety of materials. We are pleased to cooperate with you and find a solution suitable for requirements which do not occure every day. In order to find the best solution for you we dispose of a wide diversity of experience of engineers, chemists and practitioners from many production fields.